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Digimon - Angewomon by Serisegala

I think the picture is brilliant, I can find very little to fault because the points that I can fault could easily be changed so they are not major...

The head is slightly elongated I don't particularly think its too long but I think you've made the chin too pointy so it makes the head look skinny therefore appear to be too long when really I think it is proportionate.

The lighting is a bit uncertain but I often have problems with this too especially when there re objects facing different directions i.e. her body is facing front but her head and pink scarf thing is almost too the side and it can be a b***h to get the lighting exactly right. It doesn't look WRONG either so the lighting isn't a factor that bothers me at all...

I think there is a lot of detail to this although it looks like you got a bit lazy an rushed the wings- that or you do what I do where you spend so long on a picture you forget just ONE thing and you go back to it in its exported form and it harder to edit XD but yes the wings are cartoon like compared to the more anime look that you have given angewoman :)

And to sum up really, I love it :) its shiny, the anatomy is very good, love your colouring technique and just keep up with the good work :D
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